About Active Identity

Active Identity designs and develops scalable and customized RFID infrastructure solutions. They help partners all over the world realize the full potential of RFID systems by maximizing Return On Investment and reducing Total Cost of Ownership. Envoy, Active Identity’s RFID Engine, is at the core of many demanding RFID deployments worldwide.

ENVOY Your Agile RFID Messenger

The Envoy’s flexibility has made it the core of many demanding RFID deployments worldwide, increasing RFID benefits in multiple verticals.

The Envoy takes the term RFID Middleware to a whole new standard by introducing extreme mobility and ease of use to the world of RFID integration.

The Envoy is available through a growing network of experienced channel integrators and can be obtained as:

–  A hardware-based solution delivered as a rack mountable appliance – Envoy 300

–  A software-based solution delivered as a virtual machine – Envoy VM

Envoy Features


The RFID Reader Library allows you to manage any RFID reader from any vendor.


The External Device Library allows you to configure and manage any input sensor and output signaling device.


Logical Devices provide location-aware tag read results to process specific business rules and workflows.


Fields and Bindings enable flexible tag encoding and decoding algorithms transforming raw tag data into actionable information.


The Activity Builder is the only IDE designed specifically for the RFID industry, it allows the development of application-specific functions and device connections.


Implementing case-specific business workflows has never been easier! The Workflow Designer allows you to easily deploy automation and integration requirements.

The industry’s first Drag and Drop Graphical Workflow designer allows for very quick and straight forward implementation of complex processes and integration with any back-end system such as SAP, MS Dynamics, Maximo, Infor, Oracle, SQL, etc.


The Envoy Management Console is a Windows-based application for intuitive infrastructure management and site configuration.  It provides the first Drag and Drop Graphical Workflow Designer for very quick and straight forward implementation of complex processes and integration with any back-end system such as SAP, MS Dynamics, Maximo, Infor, Oracle, SQL, etc.


The Envoy Mobile App is the ultimate integrator tool, offering infrastructure monitoring and control tools from the convenience of your smartphone!

Use Cases


MEDCO was searching for a system that offers secure, accurate and efficient access control to their facilities; the system would have to manage the operation of all vehicles and it would have to integrate with the company’s Oracle based accounting system for operation visibility and access granting procedures.

Active Identity, had approached MEDCO with an EPC Compliant UHF (866MHz) RFID solution using Alien Technology readers and tags and the Envoy for infrastructure management and back-end integration.

“After performing the site survey and understanding MEDCO’s needs, it was clear to us that the best solution would be using UHF, RFID technology” says Ramy Dagher, CTO of Active Identity. “RFID tags are small, secure and maintenance free, aspects required for any vehicle management application!”

The Envoy is installed in the facilities server cabinet and connected to the backbone network. All the readers are controlled, managed and monitored using the Envoy’s Management Console. The Envoy’s web services were used to provide full integration with MEDCO’s back-end Oracle ERP system.


The core requirement of any project developed by Emkan is sustainability, and the new Cold Storage and Sorting facility would be no different. One of the key challenges Emkan had to meet is that they could deliver a facility to the area’s community that would be self-sufficient – if not an income source for the local municipality.

Managing a Cold Storage and Sorting facility is no easy task, especially when the facilities’ whole purpose is to minimize the challenges farmers had to face to stock their produce. After considering many systems, Emkan picked Active Identity’s RFID solution based on the Envoy to manage the operations at the facility. The deployed system insured all the reusable fruit crates are tracked and accounted for in every transaction. This was a key factor for the success of the project since the crates used by the facility are food grade crates at more than 35$/crate. Farmers take the crates from the facility to the field, where the produce are picked directly in the crates. The filled bins are then stacked in pick-up trucks and returned back to the storage and sorting facility. The system had to provide an easy and accurate checking mechanism to manage and account for all the crates used, whether in the facility or with the farmer.

To do this, the crates were fitted with RFID inlays protected with a layer of epoxy. RFID readers and handhelds are used to track and record all transactions easily. Pallets of 20 crates are identified in less than 5 seconds, even when filled with the fruits; this has reduced the man-power needed to operate the facility even in peak times to the absolute minimum, keeping all costs controlled as well as providing a 100% clear audit trail for each and every crate deployed. The mobile devices are also being used to search for specific crates inside the fridge insuring that the right produce in being returned to the right farmer in a timely and accurate manner.

“Although we had some pretty high expectations, the system is performing just as we imagined it would” said Mr. Ramzi Abdul Fattah, Project Manager at Emkan. “The solution has allowed us to achieved 100% traceability for all our returnable transport items since its implementation.”