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Building systems to improve business processes is complex.   In fact, the large majority of IT projects fail to deliver on their value propositions.   Reduce the risk by using Process Reliability Solutions. We’ll work with you to develop your Project Objectives, Plans, Testing, Training and Commissioning requirements or just let us do the job for you.  We have knowledgeable consultants who have both plant and IT experience to make implementing your project simpler.

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Hardware rated for use in Hazardous Locations

EX Rated PC Tablet‘s and Android Camera’s

Leader in rated for use devices. Has Class I Div II PC’s with integrated expansions (RFID & Hart Modem) available now

A Single Source For All Ex Rated Equipment

One supplier who can provide all equipment for your Ex Area needs:

Mobility Solutions & PC Based Field Operator Stations

Enclosures & Engineered Solutions for non-Ex rated equipment

Field Annunciators, Process Controllers and Alarm Notification

Telephones & Public Address Systems

EX Rated Android Mobile Devices

Leader in rated for use devices.  Has Class I Div I Android Devices available now

Hardware rated for use in General Purpose Areas

(Available for use in Hazardous Locations within appropriate enclosures)

Fixed Location RFID Readers

Leaders in RFID portal technology with the experience to make you first RFID project high value and painless.

Computers, Tablets and Display Panels

World class industrial computing solutions available now!

Enterprise Mobility Software

Enterprise Mobility Software

A market leader in Mobilization Software which can mobilize any Enterprise software.  It is only available Cloud based and requires mobile device connectivity at all times.

Enterprise Mobility Software

A market leader in Mobilization Software.  Has pre-developed solutions several maintenance and operations activities.   Can be run internal (in Premise) or Cloud based.   Can be run unconnected.

Improving Business Profitability with Mobile Solutions

ProntoForms is your Cloud Based answer to data collection in forms.  It enables the intelligent workforce by delivering information where and when it is needed to improving task execution and provide data for further analysis.

Prontoforms is partnered with Birst for Analytics.

Special Purpose Enterprise Software

Providing Software and Consulting Services Internationally

The premier software for lubrication management.  Software defines the lubricant used by each machine and enables users to define lube routes for maximum efficiency and work completion tracking.  With LUBE-IT information vital to lubrication success and efficiency is connected directly to each Lube Point.

Providing Software and Consulting Services Internationally

Mobideo is Work Management Execution software providing awareness into the status of work and ensuring proper execution of activities.  Rapid deployment is made practical by leveraging existing knowledge and expertise in the organization.

Enabling HART Communications

ICS develops software used in development, production and quality control of field devices and in the operation of automation systems. This software can be integrated in control systems according to international standards like FDT (Field Device Tool) or EDD (Electronic Device Description).

Providing Risk Management & Mechanical Integrity Software and Consulting Services Internationally

COMIMSA is a self-sufficient public research center that belongs to the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT).

The main business lines of the institution are: Risk analysis, reliability engineering, mechanical integrity, manufacturing engineering, materials engineering and engineering projects. These business lines are principally for the oil & gas industry sector.

Integrate RFID’s into any Software

A market leader in Mobilization Software which can mobilize any Enterprise software.  It is only available Cloud based and requires mobile device connectivity at all times.

A Method Agnostic Solution for Root Cause Analysis

Pro Act is software that allows customers to aggregate real-time threat information from both their own network, combined with external threat intelligence feeds. It assesses the aggregated risk and adjusts access control policies according to user-defined risk-tolerance levels, stopping inbound attacks and outbound data leakage.

Barcode & RFID Equipment Tagging Solution

RFID Based Asset Management Software

RFID Tags and tag management software.   Ready for use software to manage non-ERP managed assets.  Cloud based only (today).  Runs unconnected.

Great for applications where repairs are managed offsite (PSV’s, Control Valve Repairs, Block Valve repairs, etc.)

Bar Code & RFID Tags

Metalcraft manufactures a variety of customized asset tags including UID tags, bar code and/or serialized tags for asset tracking and/or identification, and RFID tags – including harsh environment RFID tags and a variety of metal mount RFID tags – for RFID asset tracking.

Data Management & Visualization

Connecting the enterprise through data

Burst’s software solves many of the common user issues:

  • Reach better decisions faster and maximize user adoption through improving the user experience
  • Provide data governance plus speed and agility through user data tiers
  • Use Birst’s virtual fabric to bind your siloed data together into one consistent set

Astera creates data integration solutions that help organizations manage its their toughest data integration, migration, and quality challenges associated with data.   Centerprise is a complete data integration solution in a flexible environment that enables users to choose from multiple integration scenarios.