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Instant Enterprise Mobility

Capriza offers a whole new way to rapidly mobilize your critical business processes with no APIs, no coding, and no integrations. Capriza’s enterprise mobility solutions enable you to simplify and mobilize your existing business applications (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft or homegrown) for quicker workflows that work with any device. You can create as many workflows for as many applications as your users need. All your mobile Zapps are predictable, repeatable and scalable. With Capriza’s WorkSimple app, you have one single store location for all the Zapps for your enterprise, making it easy for IT to manage and for users to find. All Zapps your team creates have the same user experience, and the same look and feel. Users get access only to those Zapps that are needed for their roles. This personalized approach is what makes WorkSimple and the Zapps contained within relevant to each individual user. Business alerts allow users to customize the information they need pushed out to them on a timely basis.

Capriza Solutions

Capriza simplifies and mobilizes any workflow and transforms it into a one-minute workflow, created around what a user needs to do at that moment in time. With Capriza, you can:

  • Speed up time-consuming tasks including timesheet submissions and expense reporting
  • Simplify and mobilize workflows for project and cash tracking
  • Expedite revenue with client-facing approval workflows for hours, milestones, and invoices
  • Increase data input accuracy to better meet compliance requirements
  • Modernize all systems cost-effectively, with immediate time to value, using existing IT resources

Design once and your workflows are fully responsive to every form factor

Create one Zapp, then tailor the user experience for each form factor. Take advantage of larger screen real estate of tablets and desktops by surfacing additional information, and customize the layout of information on each form factor.


Consolidate workflows from multiple systems

Consolidate workflows from multiple applications into WorkSimple, our enterprise application platform. It no longer matters to your users what the source application is – whether it’s SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, or a homegrown system. They have it all.


Templates make it easier than PowerPoint

Using the Design Module, transform complex, cumbersome workflows from current systems into bite-size, intuitive, mobile-first Zapps. Robust styling, templates, and automation enable you to quickly and easily create intuitive, consumer-like apps.

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‘No’ never sounded so good

No coding, no APIS, no upgrades, no recreating business logic, and no need for new infrastructure. The intuitive and easy-to-use Design Module makes it simple to transform existing applications into one-minute workflows, we call Zapp.


Capriza Features



A beautiful, personalized hub for work



Deliver mobile workflows with no coding



Integrate to source applications with no APIs



Drive adoption through metrics and feedback



End-to-end security and scalability

Everything Your Users Need

Personalized mobile application platforms for the user, accessible anywhere

WorkSimple™ is an app that brings together one-minute workflows, called Zapps™, from all business applications, centralizing them in one place, with one look and feel. Each WorkSimple app is personalized to each user, presenting only the Zapps that matter to that individual. The result allows users to work productively without even considering which application they’re using.Why_Capriza_Landing_devices-1

Business alerts work around the clock so you don’t have to

Stop chasing data in the systems only to find there isn’t a significant change. Sensors “follow” specific content your users define and alerts them intelligently at the right time. Alerts are completely customizable to each individual and can be set based on geography, time, and business KPIs.


Personalized and learns about you

Zapps get smarter as the user works, learning the habits of users and responding accordingly for even faster productivity. As your users run their one-minute workflows, Zapps suggest content and actions that are common and relevant.


Fully native and robust

Each Zapp provides an intuitive, robust experience on any device by responding to screen size and integrating with
native device features, such as barcode scanner, GPS, SSO, and file upload/download. Users can do any task
for work without thinking about which device they’re using.


Robust Analytics and Feedback Drive Success–Smart dashboards help you track and drive adoption

Immediately understand Zapp usage with powerful analytics, including detailed insight into specific micro-behaviors. Armed with knowledge of whether Zapps are achieving their desired goals, you can iterate as easily as when you created the first version using the Design Tool.


Built-in Feedback Loop

Gather user feedback in real-time with the ability for users to submit comments and suggestions within Zapps. Feedback is automatically associated with the relevant Zapp, so you can view all comments alongside the qualitative analytics and see which feedback is from which user.


Comprehensive, Centralized Enterprise Mobile Management

For each Zapp, access everything in one place: qualitative analytics, user feedback, performance metrics, versioning, and distribution. Easily control user permissions and assign them to appropriate distribution groups, integrating with LDAP, AD, and other directory services.

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Capriza Zapp Guide

Capriza Design Demo

Capriza Designer Demo

Customer Testimonials

Titan Machinery

“Capriza provides Titan Machinery the flexibility to cost-effectively mobilize a variety of essential business applications, enabling our workforce to be more efficient and flexible with many different daily tasks.”

Rick Keller, Director of Business Applications, Titan Machinery

The Linde Group

“With Capriza, we have created noticeable efficiencies in the business with some important sales and operations transactions that used to take from upwards of 24 hours now down to a matter of seconds.”

Bob Wuss, Region Americas IS Manager, The Linde Group


“I’ve been working in technology for over 15 years, and Capriza is one of the most innovative products that I’ve seen in a long time. We selected Capriza to help us transform some of our core front office applications into personal, responsive mobile apps that touch a significant portion of our personnel.”

Myckel Haghnazari, IT Director, Web, Social & Mobile Solutions at Flex