About Comimsa

COMIMSA is a self-sufficient public research center that belongs to the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT).

The main business lines of the institution are: Risk analysis, software development for risk-based management, reliability engineering, mechanical integrity, manufacturing engineering, materials engineering and engineering projects. These business lines are principally for the oil & gas industry sector.

Software Development

Comimsa’s software was developed in a web‐based system and its interfaces use both systems databases to reach a better risk management . Comimsa’s  IT Department is certified as “Capability Maturity Model Integration” CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001. The company’s services are currently focused on three main areas:

• Mapping and Processes Optimization

• Enterprise Software Development

• Mobile Applications Development Software

Comimsa’s HARMI® Software was developed as a Risk based inspection technology, based on the American Petroleum Institute standards. HARMI® software includes Reliability centered maintenance and Risk Based Inspection applications.

SAPIRT® is a software that allows inspection results storage using nondestructive testing in oil installations, both offshore and onshore, including processing plants and rigs.

HARMI ® – Risk Analysis, Maintenance and Inspection Tool

HARMI® software was developed according to the RBI Technology, published by the API. HARMI® is designed for planning, programming and reassessment of inspection and maintenance actions based on a risk assessment, either, for conditional failures (loss of containment) or functional failures (loss of function). The software integrates RBI and RCM methodologies. HARMI® – RBI features :

  • American Petroleum Institute – API RP 580/581 based
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment
  • RBI planning management
  • Web based functionality
  • Analysis for process equipment, process pipeline, etc.
  • Managing bundles and PRDs reliability and risk
  • Re-assessment inspection planning using new inspection and process data
  • Functionality for mobile devices.

HARMI® Risk Based Inspection
Risk-Based inspection is a risk assessment and management process focused on the loss of the integrity of the equipment subject to pressure due to deterioration in the material.


  • Optimal inspection plans based on risk
  • Identify components that given its level of risk require an increased intensity of inspection (hierarchical structuring)
  • Identify critical factors that impact the risk
  • Establish optimal levels in economic terms pondering the effect in reducing the risk

SAPIRT® is a software for recording and assessment of the execution of inspection plans for vessels and process piping, as well as follow up defects through maintenance management.


  • Pressure Vessel and process piping Assessment
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Maintenance Management