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Company Overview

Since 2001, Jamison RFID has manufactured and installed thousands of portals in a variety of facilities including warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, construction sites, offices and storerooms. Jamison provides superior customer service and support, with two service and repair locations and seven highly trained installation and integration technicians. Jamison’s RFID Division produces the world’s largest variety of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) portals, housing structures, mounting components, and custom designed enclosures, that help track products using RFID during the manufacturing process and throughout the entire supply chain. Jamison services over 6000 warehouse, retail, and supply chain customers from its Headquarters.

Jamison RFID portals are a key part of any complete RFID implementation. Jamison portals protect delicate RFID antennas and readers from weather, impact and meddling, making your RFID project durable, reliable and giving it a finished and professional look. Jamison RFID portals are the gold standard in the industry. Jamison RFID is a division of Jamison Door, located in Hagerstown, Maryland, where the company has been manufacturing quality industrial doors for over a century. Fixed portals reduce human error, resulting in a more accurate count and tracking, lower labor costs and faster processing time so you can get goods out the door to customers quickly. In the oil and gas industry, as well as other industries, there are numerous ways that RFID can make operations safer, faster and more efficient:

 Vendor managed inventory – Instantly know when inventory goes out to a customer

 Time on job – Control who has access to secured areas and how much time they spend there

 Confined space management – Ensure that all tools and materials that entered confined spaces come out again

 Job kitting – Be 100% certain that all tools and materials needed are together and sent to the correct location

Understanding RFID

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Quick & Easy RFID Deployments with Jamison RFID Portals

Jamison RFID helps to install your RFID project faster and more uniformly with protected, fully functional all-in-one portals and read stations. Jamison RFID’s high-quality structural units eliminate the hassle of deploying RFID systems in busy environments and provides everything you need for a successful RFID implementation.

MOD3 Portalsjamison-mod3-portals-picture

MOD3 Bi-directional units are available for space-saving in-between doorways. One reader can power four antennas, with two sets of antennas each reading in opposite directions. A Bidirectional unit is made by bolting the Antenna Mount Kit onto the back of the Reader Cabinet using four bolts. The unit footprint is 24″ x 28″ wide including covers.

How to Install RFID Systems Successfully: MOD3 Guardian Portals

RFID Strip –  The Hawkjamison-rfid-strip-the-hawk

Jamison’s Hawk is an all-in-one RFID read station that uses the latest in RFID technology at a fraction of the cost of larger doorway portals. The unit delivers superior read rate performance and can be programmed to read GEN2 RFID tags at a distance of 3 to 8 feet. RFID Strips are perfect for tracking assets or personnel at small indoor openings. Eliminate the need for AC power by using the optional POE model.

How to Install RFID Systems Successfully: RFID Strip

Components and Conveyor Kit

For applications where antennas do not need to be covered, Jamison RFID’s Mix ‘n’ Match system allows you to find the perfect solution for unique RFID deployments. These are ideal for RFID pilot testing, or temporary applications.

Using poles, connectors, wall/floor mounts, and brackets, basic components can be assembled in a wide-range of configurations to meet specific mounting requirements. Components assemble and install quickly, and provide both a sturdy and attractive solution.

How to Install RFID Systems Successfully: Components & Conveyor Frames

Components can be configured with a Light Stack, Buzzer and/or Motion Sensor. This allows your RFID system to signal operators to various success and error conditions- both visually and audibly. They have standard red, amber, green, and alarm functions. Component portals are designed to accommodate most RFID hardware and antenna designs/configurations. This gives the user the most scalable and flexible solution. Components use multiple antenna mounts that allow for horizontal and vertical movement anywhere along the pole, dramatically improving read rates of challenging items. Rugged Design Powder-coated steel construction provides a rugged structure that will hold up against rust and other structural degradation. The structure can be ordered customized for specific applications by Jamison’s engineering staff. The portal can easily be installed in under 30 minutes.