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Datum360: Engineering Information As It Should Be

About Datum360

Datum360 Software as a Service (SaaS) enables owner operators and EPCs to ensure that the right information is delivered to the right place at the right time, improving project and operational efficiency by increasing information quality, eliminating duplication of effort; reducing delays and errors because of low quality or missing data and so reducing data handling.

Their PIM360 and CLS360 software has been designed to provide solutions to many challenging information management issues by providing new capabilities to automate and improve management of engineering data.

What Datum360 Can do for You


Get the details right on what engineering information is needed for safe and efficient operations, then make it easy for your supply chain to deliver it and for you to measure it.


Work with the engineering information you need at your fingertips to help optimize safety and production effectiveness. Take control of change and deliver Asset Integrity using engineering information as it should be?


The accuracy of information for a decom project is essential for efficiency. To drive down risk and costs all available engineering information should be accessible from day one!

SaaS Delivering Engineering Information as it should be… Doing more for less: faster

The Datum360 Solution

Datum360 is delivered as a cloud-based solution

Datum360 Saas Offers

Added value to engineering information from day one!

  • Zero deployment costs on scalable hardware
  • Monitored, reliable and secure
  • Full back up, archiving, and Disaster Recovery (DR) service
  • All software maintenance included
  • Optionally can be deployed behind the corporate firewall or on hybrid cloud

Datum360’s SaaS provides benefits of a one click deployment, completely data-driven configuration and a fast, easy to use interface for all users.

CLS360 provides for data classification…

Either standard based or custom configured


Define, specify and share your engineering information requirements

  • Capture engineering unrivalled requirements
  • Defines specification precisely
  • Manage classification iteration and variants
  • Created data-driven class library
  • References industry standards e.g. ISO 15926
 CLS360 is a leading information management platform, for defining and managing both corporate and project specific engineering information requirements, within a granular and rigorous data governance framework.

PIM360 provides the capability for analysis of completeness and consistency of data


Aggregate, measure, report and publish your digital asset:

  • Best in class ‘unrivaled time to readiness’
  • Single source of truth for your Engineering Information
  • Zero IT infrastructure cost with cloud deployment
  • Easy import / export (ETL) capability
  • Change control builds unbeatable trust in the data

PIM360 is the Process Industry’s most efficient and agile Information Management platform for ensuring consistency and quality of engineering data from projects through to operations.

Datum360 Product Demos

Datum360: Attr Explorer 2-2-3

Datum360: De-bottlenecking the Transfer of Engineering Information

Datum360 Customer Testimonials

Specialist Engineer

“From the outset, Datum360 has supplied constant, high quality advice.

They’ve understood our requirements and then, using their SaaS tools, have helped us specify, collect and assure the delivery of engineering information.”

Information Management spokesperson

“We have been impressed by the straightforward deployment, data interfacing and performance of the PIM360 system.

When taken in combination with the professional expertise of the Datum360 team, the results so far have been very encouraging.

Developments Project Information Manager
Developments Project Information Manager

“We have been greatly impressed by the speed in which Datum360 deployed the system. Due to the simplicity and structured approach of PIM360, the team became self-sufficient in using it within less than two weeks of deployment, after a thorough knowledge transfer from the Datum360 team.

Our team can now spend more time reviewing the quality and completeness of engineering information, rather than wasting time manipulating the data, as they have done previously.”