Built to Withstand the Rigors of the Harshest Environments

Winmate understands the need for ruggedness and uninterrupted productivity when it comes to operating in challenging environments. Their rugged, mobile tablets, handhelds and fixed-mount displays increase operational efficiencies, integrate seamlessly into enterprise, and deliver low-cost reliability for data collection and communications.

Whether tracking a fleet, mapping a mine, or monitoring equipment and production on an oil rig, Winmate provides a variety of rugged form factors with flexible options for connectivity, and data collection and management.

Winmate’s rugged mobile solutions are built to withstand rigors of the harshest environments and every product undergoes the scrutiny of two standards: Ingress Protection (IP) rating system and United States Military Standard Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests Standard (MIL-STD). Our rugged mobile devices are built to last, reducing total cost of ownership over time.

The Highest Standards in Reliability and Service

Winmate’s  in-house testing facility allows them to achieve high standards of product reliability and ruggedness with the shortest possible product development cycle. Rather than outsource this critical component, we are able to perform vibration, drop, thermal and dry heat, and EMC and EMI tests, as well as radio emission and susceptibility, giving Winmate the market advantage in speed and quality.

About Winmate

Winmate creates intelligent systems that advance the Internet of Everything (IOE) and communications throughout enterprise around the globe. Winmate not only supplies a very wide and deep range of standard products, but also provides professional services in customizing products and project management to satisfy all customer requirements. The company manages the entire product development process to ensure you have access to the most robust, current, safe and rugged mobile technologies available.

About Winmate

Winmate’s main products include:

  • Rugged Tablet PC
  • Industrial Displays Solution
  • Mobile PC Solution
  • Panel PC & Embedded PC
  • Rugged Display & Panel PC
  • Marine/Military grade Display & PC solutions
  • DC Power Converter Solution
  • SDI Converter Solution

Winmate Products


Mobility is the new trend for industrial applications.  With the latest mobility and battery management technology, Winmate combines this with its existing ruggedness, visibility, fan-less computing, and software AP capabilities to deliver the new Rugged Tablet PC product line.

M101 is a powerful solution for maximizing efficiency in the manufacturing, mining, and pharmaceutical industries. The industrial grade, rugged tablets look virtually identical to each other, but are really very different in terms of hardware features and software functionality.

10.1 Rugged Tablet PC

Winmate M101 SERIES – Rugged Windows 8 / Andriod Tablet PC for Harsh Environments

Winmate delivers their all new 9.7″ Rugged Tablet PC with Windows Embedded 7 operating system.

9.7″ Rugged Tablet PC (M970D)

Winmate M970D

Winmate introduced a 7-inch form factor, rugged handheld with two versions that can run Android 4.1 (M700DM4) or Windows 7 / Windows 8 (M700D).

7″ Rugged Tablet PC (M700 series)

Winmate M700D

The M9020 runs on a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N2600 of the full Windows version. The tablet features good outdoor view-ability and offers 1024 x 600 pixel resolution.

Rugged Tablet PC 7″ M9020

Winmate M9020 7-inch Rugged Mobile Tablet

Winmate offers Vehicle Mounted Technology to streamline warehouse operations.

Mounting Solution

Winmate M101B for warehouse and inventory management

The 7″ rugged pad designed for military and logistics application can be for outdoor use due to its sunlight readability and it also has a hot-swap battery for longer time use.

7″ Rugged Tablet PC (I982)

 Ultra Rugged Tablets

Winmate Ruggedized Tablet products come in various sizes:  8.4″、10.4″、12.1″ and 13.3″.  All are sunlight readable with enhanced brightness, mobility for many of wireless solutions. Winmate Ruggedized Tablet products also bring their customers flexibility in wireless solutions: Wi-fi solution, Bluetooth solution, 3G module solution.
Ultra Rugged Tablet
Ultra Rugged Tablet
Ultra Rugged Tablet
Ultra Rugged Tablet
Ultra Rugged Tablet
Ultra Rugged Tablet
Ultra Rugged Tablet
Ultra Rugged Tablet


High Quality Resolution Panel
Intel® low power consumption CPU solution
Resistive Touch solution
High Brightness enhanced visibility
Alu-Mg Alloy Housing with Protection Rubber for MIL-810F Shock, Vibration and Drop Std.
Support Wireless / Bluetooth / GPS module / 3G function

Ruggedized Design

With IP54 design, Winmate Ruggedized Tablet is designed for use in harsh environments, is resistant to water and dust. It can operate under the temperature of 20°C to 60°C, can withstand a drop from 4 feet, is in compliance-MIL-STD- 810F for drop, vibration, and high/low temperature test.

Ultra-Rugged Tablet

Winmate rugged tablet PC is designed for harsh environments, with ruggedness, visibility, fan-less, hotkey design for friendly use. The full range product line meets MIL-STD-810F specs.

M133 Series
M133 Series The elegant, yet fully rugged M133W offers the larger screen size of a laptop in a tablet form factor for increased visibility and computing in demanding environments such as automotive manufacturing and vehicle diagnostics. The M133W’s large 13.3-inch sunlight-readable IPS display was thoughtfully designed to retain sharpness, offering full 1920 x 1080 pixel HD resolution.
Ultra Rugged Tablet PC-ID83 (Dual Core Atom)
ID83 GP Series (Dual Core Atom) With applied the 3rd generation of Atom CPU, the Winmate Ruggedized Tablet products with two series: 10.4” and 12.1” . Both of them do support sunlight readable, mobility and optional for many of wireless solutions.
CANBUS Tablet PC Series
CANBUS Tablet PC Series With design for car diagnostics application purpose, Winmate deliver the CANBUS integrated solution for variable customer choice.
Ultra Rugged Tablet PC-ID80(Dual Core Atom)
ID80 GP Series (Dual Core Atom) With applied the 3rd Atom CPU, the 8.4” rugged tablet PC consider the variable wireless solutions, sunlight readable feature, and the strong mechanical design to meet MIL-810F.
Ultra Rugged Tablet PC- IH83 (Core i5)
IH83 GP Series (Core i5) Our new Ultra Rugged Tablet PC is powered by a Broadwell 2.2 GHz Intel Core i5-5200U processor that was designed for high performance computing and uses the Intel HD 4400 Graphics card. The R10IH8M-RTT2GP comes with a 10.4” high quality XGA (1024 x 768) screen, this 4-wire resistive touch screen may be operated with ease by either a plastic stylus or fingertip.

M133 Touch Mode

Standard Accessories

Multi-functional Desktop Docking station
Multi-functional Desktop Docking station

With multi-function design, the docking station can support battery charging and also function expansion 4 x USB. 1 x VGA.


Adjustable Kickstand

P/N number : 98KT00A0000S

This adjustable kickstand allows user to adjust their viewing angle. This integrated kickstand that is convertible to handle, the workers are able to form ergonomic handle for easy carrying.
Vehicle Mounting Charger Kit
Vehicle Mounting Charger Kit
  • Multi-functional vehicle mount kit with car charger
  • Input: 9~36V with a car charging connector
  • Output: 19V with a cable can connect to Rugged Tablet PC
  • TDP: 80W
  • Mechanical mount: VESA mount, universal RAM mount.


Car Power Charger
Car Power Charger

P/N number : 99KK00000008

With the Car power charger you can recharge your Rugged Tablet PC in any vehicle.

P/N number : 99KK00000001

The ergonomic Handstrip can help you handle the Rugged Tablet PC much more easily and comfortable.
Spare Part Battery
Spare Part Battery

P/N number : 99KK00000005

For spare part battery is good for user when with warmswap or hotswap option, preparation with one more battery can support for whole days jobs.
Shoulder Handle (Carrying Belt)
Shoulder Handle
(Carrying Belt)

P/N number : 99KK00000002

With the four corner locks, is the carry belt (shoulder strap) ergonomically designed to make you carry the product hands free.
Soft case
Soft case

P/N number : 9B0000000059

The ergonomic bag with soft surface can help you to protect Rugged Tablet PC surface.
Carry Bag
Carry Bag

P/N number : 98K008A0000N

Designed to fit for the Rugged Tablet PC, this carry bag is very convenient for user to carry also other accessories during their work.
Hotswap Battery
Hotswap Battery

P/N number : 99KK00000010

The second Li-Ion 2600mAh back-up battery support half operating time of main battery.