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Enterprise Project Management with Workfront

Solve the Failures of Traditional Project Management Software

Collaboration and project management software can either make or break your workflow. Traditional project management tools only add more steps and more chaos to your day. Workfront’s enterprise work management is custom fit to your organization and makes workflow easier, not more complicated. No matter the size of your company or the size of the project, Workfront’s enterprise work management tools and collaboration software can make the difference.

Benefits of Using Workfront Software

Stop using tools and software that only add to work chaos, try Workfront today and finally optimize your team’s time and effort. Unlike other project management solutions, Workfront enables your team to:

  • Create Projects Quickly – Make work management easy by organizing everything you need to complete your project in a single tool. Create workflow and approval processes to track progress and contributions from your team members. Integrate quickly, create sub-tasks, attach files and set deadlines.
  • Instant Status UPDATEs – Workfront gives you access to immediate status UPDATEs though dashboards, graphs and real-time comments from other users. It only takes seconds to determine what work still needs to be accomplished.
  • Use the methodology that fits the job – Have teams that prefer different project management methodologies? Combine methods to keep everyone happy.
  • Prioritize work across multiple projects – Make sure the right work gets done at the right time. Define which subtasks matter most so your team accomplishes the right projects.
  • Collaborate in the context of work – Stop losing work in email and chat, and eliminate expensive and frequent status meetings. Communication within the PPM tool is efficient and intuitive.
  • Do it all, in one tool – Request management, work prioritization, Agile, ad hoc work, traditional projects, and collaboration. Integrations with key tools make Workfront a central hub.

Workfront’s Enterprise Project Management Software is an award winning tool because it allows organizations to accomplish more tasks with less waste. Project management is essential to success and the best project management software allows organizations to deliver on their plans and strategies. Find out how Workfront can help you deliver.

What Can I Do with Workfront DAM?

  • Find What You Need
    Don’t waste time searching for assets. The powerful search capabilities of Workfront DAM get you there quickly.
  • Control Your Brand
    Store finalized assets to make sure the right message gets to the right audience, where and how they need it.
  • Create a Brand Portal
    Use a custom portal with your company brand to organize assets by campaign, product line or asset type.
  • Manage Access
    Control and modify access rights to ensure company assets are only being used where and how they should be.
  • Distribution & Fulfillment
    Share your assets in a variety of file types and sizes across multiple channels, from social accounts to printers.
  • Know What’s Being Used
    With intuitive analytics, Workfront DAM allows you to report on uploads, downloads, usage, and more.

No Downloads. No software to install. Full access to all features.

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Workfront: Leverage agile project management with Workfront

Workfront Reviews

Workfront allows us to measure our work and report back on our successes. Reporting enables us to translate the team’s hard work into quantifiable results for our leadership team.
Cynthia Boon, AVP Customer Experience Delivery
“Workfront provides the collaboration and visibility our project managers, engineers, and leadership need to deliver on our promises to our Xfinity customers.”

Brady Robinder, Manager, Deployment Automation

Case Studies

Cisco established the Communications Resource Center (CRC) to make it possible for groups that never had communications expertise to have access to the appropriate staff members. When Cisco encountered challenges tracking CRC projects and productivity, it deployed Workfront to improve reporting and visibility into the team’s service delivery process.

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking with more than 73,000 employees in more than 165 countries and over $48 billion in annual revenues. It has shaped the future of the Internet, transforming how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

At A Glance

  • Separately managing the work of two client types – pre-funded and pay-for-service clients – required supporting two different solutions
  • Inefficient processes wasted 5-7 man-hours monthly and impacted current projects
  • Existing systems were unable to support both service request management and program management
  • Boosted the CRC team’s on-time delivery rate to 99% in just 3 months
  • Saved Cisco 85% in work management investment and 90% in implementation time
  • Enables faster turnaround for new requests
  • Helps ensure high workforce utilization

FCB Global Instance of Workfront Improves Agency Network’s Operational Efficiency


  • FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding)
  • Advertising / Marketing Services
  • New York City


  • Some employees spent up to 2 hours a week in update meetings
  •  Managing resource utilization took multiple offices 20 hours per week
  •  Creating HotSheets was a time-consuming, manual task


  •  Increased productivity and is saving an estimated 1000 hours of billable time
  •  Improved project estimate accuracy
  •  Expanded project visibility to 100%
  •  Reduced time spent in meetings and preparing status updates by approximately 2 hours for some team members
  •  Improved operational efficiency

AdRoll Increases Production Tasks by 10% per Person, per Sprint with Workfront Agile Capabilities

Transitioning to Agile Marketing and the Workfront Marketing Work Management solution improves the Adroll marketing team’s efficiency, collaboration, and project visibility.

An Agile Marketing methodology, combined with Agile capabilities in Workfront, has enabled AdRoll to more effectively prioritize creative projects. Today, AdRoll relies on Workfront during biweekly sprints to improve project transparency and increase production tasks while giving designers more time to be creative.


  • AdRoll
  • Marketing Services
  • San Francisco, CA


  • How to simplify the transition to Agile marketing
  • How to improve project management with an existing system
  • How to increase time spent being creative


  • Increased production tasks by 10% per person, per sprint
  •  Improved project communication, visibility, and transparency
  •  Allowed more time for creativity